Guest Post – What Process Works Best?

Please enjoy this snippet from an informative and entertaining post by one of our Professional Remodeling Organization (PRO) members:

Remodeling – What Process Works Best?

All remodeling starts the same.  Clients get the itch.  You purchase a new home and imagine what the space could be.   Or you have lived in a space for years and it no longer meets the demands of how you live.  Your kitchen layout and amenities aren’t up to par. You may look at outdated surfaces on fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, counters and floors and think, “This has got to go.”  You might look at a wall closing off a kitchen and imagine an open space.  You may imagine a larger bathroom, a bigger closet, a screened in porch, a work out room, or a home office.

You move into a mindset.  You almost can’t stand it any longer!  Then you call an architect, an interior designer, or a remodeling professional. How do you know who to call first and what is the best process you might ask?  I might suggest starting by calling one of these professionals you trust and consider having them introduce you to a team.

I would like to introduce you to three main build processes.  The first is called ‘Design-Bid-Build’.  The second, I call ‘Build-Avoid-Design’, and the third is called ‘Design-Build’.

To find out more about each of these processes, please read the rest of Angela’s post here.

This post was provided by Angela Todd of Angela Todd Designs, a full service interior design firm in Portland, Oregon providing exceptional design and creative solutions for remodeling and build projects.


One response to “Guest Post – What Process Works Best?

  1. That ‘Design-Bid-Build’ is one great undertaking for a wise and convenient remodeling per se. Great!

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