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Hire a PROfessional for National Remodeling Month

PROfessional Remodelers

Find a PRO-fessional to get your project started for Oregon and National Remodeling Month!

May is Oregon & National Remodeling Month

Home owners reap many benefits when hiring a professional remodeler for their home renovation. According to the Professional Remodelers Organization of the HBA of Metro Portland (PRO), experienced remodelers bring a multitude of skills and qualities to successfully execute a home remodeling project.

“Professionals just do home remodeling better,” said Steve Stolze, 2013 PRO Chairman. “They not only bring advanced construction skills, trained remodelers better manage customer service and business management to improve the remodeling experience for home owners.”

What qualities do professional remodelers provide to a home renovation?

Bring home the benefits of hiring a professional home remodeler for your renovation. Harness their skills and knowledge to create a more comfortable home.

1. Customer Service

Knowledgeable home remodelers understand that they are providing a service, not a one-size-fits-all product. Just as every home owner is an individual, each home is also unique. A professional remodeler knows how to create customized solutions for the residents and provide continuing customer support.

2. Business Management and Integrity

Running a business well is part of the responsibilities of a professional remodeler. This includes having systems for the business, writing clear contracts, having insurance, providing warranties, and more. Better business management means better service for home owners because they can rely on the remodeler to perform with integrity.

3. Experience

Do you know what to expect when you take that wall out? A professional remodeler understands the structure of a home and is prepared for surprises behind walls. They’ve developed expertise from performing home remodels, attending trainings, and are familiar with laws and regulation pertaining to home construction.

4. Longevity

Anyone may be able to purchase a truck and some tools, but only professional remodelers have the skills to remain in business for the long haul. By understanding the practice and business of home remodeling, these professionals can manage changes in the market and return to service your home for years to come. Use the remodelers you can trust to fix problems and keep a home in good health for the long term.

5. Creativity

Home remodeling frequently involves problem solving, such as maximizing existing space, strategically building additions, or navigating limited budgets. Professional remodelers can help home owners manage challenges and meet their needs while staying within the budget. Experience and skills help remodelers propose choices and solutions to satisfy their customers.

Professional Remodelers Organization

Work with a PRO!

For  a searchable directory of professional remodelers, builders, designers and other industry professionals visit http://hbapdx.org/member-directory/ and look for the PRO logo!  Please feel free to contact the Professional Remodelers Organization of Metro Portland at 503-684-1880.

Translating Contractor Speak

photo by Kenny Grono, Buckminster Green, LLC


A brief but informative glimpse into common phrases that your remodeler may use to try to communicate issues or finesse a difficult topic.

Houzz.com contributor Kenny Grono, owner of Buckminster Green, LLC, took a moment to provide a brief list of translated terms that may help homeowners to better understand and communicate with their remodeling contractor.

Contractors didn’t become contractors because they love to communicate. If they did they would have become speechwriters or newscasters (or get a gig writing ideabooks for Houzz). Sometimes what they say seems completely obvious to them, but makes no sense to you. And a contractor might speak euphemistically to dance around difficult topics. These tips should help you translate some of the euphemisms and somewhat curt statements you might hear, so that you get the most out of the client-contractor relationship.

For Example:

7. The design needed some tweaking. Often, this means the plans were unbuildable. Sometimes what’s drawn on paper just can’t be built. A staircase you’d need to crawl on your knees to use, “existing” spaces that don’t exist, a pocket door that would slide through a switch box and the shower valve, etc.

Read the full article from Houzz.com to see a top ten list of common phrases and what they probably mean to you.

Guest Post – What Process Works Best?

Please enjoy this snippet from an informative and entertaining post by one of our Professional Remodeling Organization (PRO) members:

Remodeling – What Process Works Best?

All remodeling starts the same.  Clients get the itch.  You purchase a new home and imagine what the space could be.   Or you have lived in a space for years and it no longer meets the demands of how you live.  Your kitchen layout and amenities aren’t up to par. You may look at outdated surfaces on fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, counters and floors and think, “This has got to go.”  You might look at a wall closing off a kitchen and imagine an open space.  You may imagine a larger bathroom, a bigger closet, a screened in porch, a work out room, or a home office.

You move into a mindset.  You almost can’t stand it any longer!  Then you call an architect, an interior designer, or a remodeling professional. How do you know who to call first and what is the best process you might ask?  I might suggest starting by calling one of these professionals you trust and consider having them introduce you to a team.

I would like to introduce you to three main build processes.  The first is called ‘Design-Bid-Build’.  The second, I call ‘Build-Avoid-Design’, and the third is called ‘Design-Build’.

To find out more about each of these processes, please read the rest of Angela’s post here.

This post was provided by Angela Todd of Angela Todd Designs, a full service interior design firm in Portland, Oregon providing exceptional design and creative solutions for remodeling and build projects.

Before and After: Open living space





Irving Development
Whole House Remodel

A 1900-foot addition and whole house remodel completely transformed this 1980’s colonial style home. The homeowners worked with Irving’s design team to achieve their desire to open up the kitchen/ living area, add more bedrooms, and create a designated pantry/laundry/mud room.

A beautiful transformation of the family living area highlights this remodel. Large open spans were achieved using numerous steel beams, creating a fantastic living and entertaining area.  The kitchen, entertainment room, formal dining room, wet bar and small office are all incorporated into this area. Custom cabinetry, using a combination of paint and stain, were used in the kitchen and the entire living area.  Oak flooring with a walnut stain runs throughout the lower level adding a rich contrast. Granite counter tops, tile backsplash and commercial grade appliances were used in the kitchen. A natural stone fireplace enhances the large living area. Ten-foot knotty alder sliding doors lead from this area to the outdoor entertainment patio added to the newly landscaped back yard.

The stairs leading to the second level were reconfigured to increase the size of the foyer and a new library and office, with numerous built-ins, are on each side of the entry. A custom metal handrail leads up the stairs to the second floor. The second level now has four bedrooms, three baths, a study loft and an entertainment room with full bar, pool and card tables.

Before and After: Portland Westhills Remodel





Greg Larson Construction
Whole House Remodel

This remodel is a wonderful example of how both subtle and dramatic changes can transform a house into a dream home.

As with all remodeling projects that GLC undertakes, we couple the homeowners’ own personal taste with timeless craftsmanship.  In 2001, GLC began working on what was to become the first of many phases of this project.  As with many homes built in the 1990’s, the existing fixtures and finishes were dated and lacked the necessary warmth and character the client was striving for.

The homeowners first wanted only to spruce their home up a bit: a simple change of paint, carpet and lighting fixtures.  However, within a few years the homeowners’ family grew and their needs changed, we added a large bonus room over the garage to be used as a play room and remodeled both of the upstairs bathrooms.  We rounded out this phase of the roject by making some minor changes to the entryway powder room and utilized a small unused closet under the stairs for a walk-in wine cooler.  As the years went on the homeowner’s desire to update the “heart of the home”-the kitchen- turned into a major renovation. With the help of Sandy Hayes Design’s, GLC was able to creat a home with reflects the warmth and character that the homeowners desired.

An attention to detail that GLC is well know for is found throughout this house.  Whether you are interested in a small remodel or if you want to redo your entire home, this home offers many interesting ideas for both indoor flexibility and outdoor living.

Before and After: Outdated Contemporary to Northwest Classic


NW Renovations & Design Company
Whole House Remodel

Our design efforts concentrated on having the newly remodeled house blend in with the existing and established neighborhood. We remodeled within the  original square footage, not making the structure any bigger, just better. This remodeled project looks as if it always belonged on the 1+ acre site.

The interiors were styled with warm, comfortable and inviting colors. Classic designs of the moldings, stairways and window seats are prevalent throughout.

The general goals of our remodel were to improve the architecture and use of living space and make it more efficient by incorporating some green building products and techniques.  The original house had small, compartmentalized rooms and we wanted to open up these spaces and take advantage of a more open floor plan and the spectacular view.

The original heating system was an outdated heat pump which we replaced with a 95% efficient gas system.  The new HVAC system was relocated in the garage and allowed us to reposition the ducting thereby eliminating the existing low headroom conditions through rooms and hallways.

All of the windows, electrical, plumbing and siding were replaced to bring this home up to current requirements and standards. 

A new deck was added using composite Monarch decking and we reused the original decking for the new front entry porch.  Several other green products were used including low VOC paints, natural stone countertops, and engineered hardwood flooring in the basement.

We reengineered and spanned the full width of the house in the kitchen, family and dining room areas to eliminate the original bearing walls. This opened up an additional 300 sq. ft. of space to create a more inviting, open floor plan.